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At The Law Office of Edgar Diaz and Associates, the Diaz Law Group’s commitment to our clients drives everything we do. We provide our clients with the information they need to make sound decisions about their legal options and use our negotiation and trial skills to achieve results that protect their personal, professional, and financial interests. DO NOT GO WITH OTHER LAW FIRMS that are overly staffed with “office case managers”, “legal case assistants”, “LEGAL MARKETING AND BUSINESS DIRECTORS?” “ASSISTANTS TO CEO ATTORNEY”. These firms are overly staffed and your case will just be handled by one of these lower paid “assistants, and case managers”. AT THE DIAZ LAW GROUP, we cut the fat, the professional handles your case personally. We are the Attorney’s that actually look at your case, give you that phone call you need, keep you updated. When you call our number 323-318-9545, you will NOT GET THE CASE MANAGER FOR YOUR CASE, OR THE LEGAL ASSISTANT TO THE ATTORNEY” When you call the Diaz Law Group you will be talking to an Attorney. We pride ourselves on not delegating YOUR highly precious legal work to “case managers, or assistants”. That is why if you go to other lawyers, your bill will be 50% to 60% higher, it’s because all these firms have extra staff that are paid a small percentage to do all the heavy work, and the attorney will occasionally give you a call. These are firms that are just in it for the money. Do not fall prey to these business/corporate “legal” billing mills. Go with us, and get the personalized attention of your Attorney, and not the token business like assistant who will not know what the legal ramifications of your case will be and is only there to “calm you down” and so that the attorney does not have to deal with you. That is how OTHER LAW FIRMS WORK, WE DO NOT WORK THAT WAY. Our attorney’s do the work, call the client, and do all the work. Rest assured your case will be handled by an attorney, and not by a “Legal Marketing and Business Director” or “Assistant to CEO”. When you hear those job titles associated with a law firm, you better run, and really think about what is essential to your legal case. Where is your money going? Is your $300/hour going to these assistants and marketers and managers? Think before you sign. At the Diaz Law Group the Attorney’s do their job, and do not delegate important matters to others.


At the DIAZ LAW GROUP we tailor your case strategy based on your individual needs. We take pride in providing services to you that are prompt and efficient.


The Diaz Law Group uses state of the art technology to assist our clients and their legal needs. We have strong ties in the legal community with excellent relationships with valuable legal experts such as forensic accountants, former California Highway Patrolmen who are expert traffic accident reconstruction, medical doctors, expert financial planners and tax advisors.


At the DIAZ LAW GROUP we are efficient with your valuable resources and understand how to work with a case budget. We work hard to ensure that your dollar is well spent and well invested.

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