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If so, it is important that you first seek medical treatment for any injuries you have sustained. If you do not know how to obtain medical attention, call 911. Or if your injuries are being felt days after the accident and you need guidance on how to find a qualified doctor to DIAGNOSE AND TREAT YOUR INJURIES IMMEDIATELY, CALL MY OFFICE AT (323) 318-9545. Upon contacting my office, we will assist you in finding qualified medical treatment that’s located near where you live. DO NOT WORRY ABOUT WHO WAS “AT FAULT” FOR YOUR INJURIES. IF THE OTHER PARTY WAS EVEN 10% AT FAULT AND YOU WERE 90% “AT FAULT” YOU MAY STILL BE COMPENSATED FOR YOUR INJURIES. I will get into the issue of “fault” later in this discussion. Of course, if the other party/entity was completely at fault, then your case will yield a less contested demand for compensation. But we can discuss this later.

CALL The Law Office of Edgar Diaz & Associates at 323-318-9545, now. We will handle it from then on and until you receive the best compensation under the law.


Even if you feel that you have not suffered an injury, soft tissue injuries can start to affect you within hours or days after the accident. By receiving medical attention as soon as possible you can significantly reduce your recovery time, while also ensure that you have an independent record of having sustained injuries in the accident. These records will be important if you wish to hire my office to handle your personal injury case. Many people do not get the help they need, hoping or thinking it will go away on it’s own. Well, if you were walking down the street and someone picked you up and shook you up and threw you back on the ground. And you sustained a small bruise and some scrapes, but no major injuries. After a couple of days, you still felt sore. Would you still “wait for it to go away on it’s own?”. The correct answer is no. Injuries that might seem small to you, might be serious miniscule tears in your muscles, tendons, or bones. “Miniscule” is just a medical term used by doctors to describe something that is “small”. But miniscule tears in your tendons often do not cause much pain. They do not show up in X-Rays. And they are difficult to diagnose. And most importantly, they often do not go away on their own. Unfortunately, many of the times, these “small” tears end up becoming big tears, then ultimately breaks that require surgery. This may happen over years of normal wear and tear. But the injury all started out from that one small incident that caused the miniscule or “small” tear, that is now a break, and costing you thousands of dollars in medical costs because now you need surgery, time off work, and time away from your family and friends. This is a very common and real scenario. That is why my office vigorously represents injured clients. Because we have the experience to understand what type of damage an injury can and will cause. The loss of your life’s quality, the use of certain limbs, the things we take for granted, like taking a short walk, or climbing the stairs in a home, become strenuous over time. An injury will affect these activities and an injury that is caused by someone else’s negligence should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the civil law. That is what we do here at The Law Offices of Edgar B. Diaz & Associates. call us at (323) 318-9545. We make sure that your are compensated for your unfortunate injury that was caused by another’s negligence.

Soft-tissue injuries are regularly caused by rear endings in auto accidents, slip and falls at a public places, and other auto accidents that occur at low speeds. These are injuries where there are no broken bones or permanent scars. However, they need to be addressed and having our office represent you in these cases will assure you the best possible outcome. The Law Offices of Edgar B. Diaz & Associates. call us at (323) 318-9545.


  • A Truck “Big Rig” Accidents

    Have you ever driven outside the county of Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Riverside, Orange, Ventura or San Diego? If you have, you must have noticed that semi trucks, aka “Big Rigs” are much more active in and around these 6 counties. Unfortunately the facts/statistics reveal this view to be true. Out of the numerous counties throughout all of California, Los Angeles County is known for having the highest number of truck (bigrig)-related injuries and fatalities year after year.

  • B Bus Accidents:

    The Tour Bus Industry is a multi-million dollar industry in California that is overseen by State and Federal “safety” agencies that conduct inspections of the vehicles used by these companies. Unfortunately, it has been our experience that there are far too many of these “Bus Tour” companies that fall below what is expected as far as the concern for the safety of their patrons. If you live in California you often see these buses taking people to casino’s or taking people on touring adventures in California’s great national and State parks. These bus companies are often owned by unscrupulous business owners who carry the minimum allowable insurance coverage ($5M). Therefore, the bus carrying 30 plus people is often only insured up to $5M. We all have read the tragic news when one of these tour buses is involved in an accident that often claims numerous lives. These accident’s are often more prone to injuries because these touring buses do not require their riders to wear seat belts. So if the bus overturns, the patrons are often ejected or thrown from the bus, causing permanent, serious, and sometimes fatal injuries. My office has the experience to represent you or a loved one that has been injured or hurt in one of these tragic accidents. We have represented numerous clients who have unfortunately been injured in these accidents. Living in Southern California, many of these touring bus companies are owned by “fly by night” business owners who buy, rent, lease, substandard buses and charge people as much as they can to take them to their destination. Many patrons assume the bus is safe, that it’s engine is in working order, that the tires are new, and that the breaks are in perfect conditions. And most importantly, the patrons assume the driver is qualified, sober, and able to operate a bus. Patrons of these tour bus companies ASSUME TO MUCH. These assumptions unfortunately lead to under insured negligent bus operators who disappear if and when an accident occurs. It has been our experience that a life is valued at much more than $5M. So if you have multiple lives taken, together with multiple injured passengers, how will you be fully compensated if the bus carrier only carried the minimum insurance allowed under the law? If you, or someone you know is involved in such a tragedy, contact our office immediately regardless of what the bus company, it’s agents, or attorney’s have told you. When these tragedies occur, the companies will attempt to have any injured passengers agree to a settlement while the injured is still in the hospital! This is unscrupulous but it happens regularly and the insurance company in any injury situation is NOT there to help you. They are there to minimize their loss, and have you sign away your rights so that they can keep the company profits up and going. Contact our office. We know how to handle the insurance companies and their contracted attorney’s. We have the experience, intellect, resources, and aggressiveness that will assure you the best possible outcome. Call. The Law Offices of Edgar B. Diaz & Associates. call us at (323) 318-9545

  • C Motorcycle Accidents:

    California allows for two wheeled motorcycles to be operated on any freeway in the State. We see them in everyday traffic and are a legitimate way of transportation. Some use this form of transportation to go to work and run errands. Other individuals enjoy the freedom and feeling of riding your motorcycle down a clear highway and experiencing the unique feeling an individual gets when operating a motorcycle. I enjoy this feeling also and own a motorcycle for the purpose of entertainment. I understand the risks and take all the safety precautions I can take. Even when taking all the precaution and having an expert ability to ride a motorcycle, these vehicles are often involved in accidents with automobiles. An automobile vs. motorcycle accident often results in serious injuries because the speeds are often higher and the motorcyclists has less protection than the person driving the 2 ton automobile. We have a lot of negligent drivers of 1-2 ton vehicles on the road so when we ride our motorcycles we have to be vigilant of these negligent car drivers. They could be texting, talking, looking at themselves in the mirror, whatever they are doing, they are exercising negligent driving. This negligent driving infuriates a motorcyclist because they understand that this car driver is placing their lives at risk. If you or someone you know has been involved in a motorcycle accident, contact our office. at The Law Offices of Edgar B. Diaz & Associates. call us at (323) 318-9545.

    We have the experience in representing numerous riders involved in motorcycle vs. automobile accidents. We understand the severity of the injuries resulting in such accidents and will fight the fight in takes to fully compensate our rider clients who are involved in crashes with a car driver that has committed a negligent act which has resulted in injuries to the motorcycle driver.

    CALL The Law Office of Edgar Diaz & Associates at 323-318-9545, now. We will handle it from then on and until you receive the best compensation under the law.

The Law Offices of Edgar B. Diaz & Associates. call us at (323) 318-9545 YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE AND EVERYTHING TO GAIN.

The next important step is to speak to a personal injury attorney who is experienced in handling accidents, injuries, slip and falls, auto accidents, bus accident, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, Intentional Torts: batteries (person to person, including Police Brutality or Security Guard Brutality), intentional torts (someone beats you up, or you are the victim of a robbery, or battery when you were a customer at a restaurant/club/bar) My office handles all instances where the person is hurt by another person or entity. It could be a restaurant who didn’t clean up the spill on the floor and you slipped and sustained injuries. Or it can be the commercial truck driver who crashed into your families’ vehicle and caused catastrophic injuries and, even death. My office handles all such matters. Personal injury includes instances from soft tissue injuries (bruising) to the worst case scenario, Wrongful Death.

  • A Case Example:

    I can share a factual case that I handled over my career. A client came to me seeking help for a matter involving an issue with a school. During our conversations, and numerous meetings, during our consultations, the conversations eventually lead to family relations and situations. It was during one of these conversations that my client disclosed to me the unfortunate passing of my client’s adult relative due to an accident. It was recent (within 1 year) and I could tell she was still in distress. Although she never thought about hiring an attorney for that accident because the accident report attributed the accident to my client’s relative, I could tell there was a case involved. Furthermore, the loss did not occur at the time of the accident, it occurred almost one year later. I told her that I would conduct an investigation (with the client’s consent of course) because of the severity of the loss. Even though that was not the nitial reason she first sought my services. I conducted my investigation and obtained the information from all parties involved. And, according to the accident report my client’s relative was “at fault”. Knowing from my experience that California is a comparative negligence State, it was now my duty to pursue the case and obtain any whatsoever damages my client would be able to recover, even if it was minimal or nothing. It was still my duty to conduct further investigations and prosecutions. I sent the demand letter to the other party(s) insurance company and 3 days letter received an offer for the value of the party(s) insurance policy limits. ($100,000.00 at that time). Still, I had to file and look at all available resources that my client could recover from the other party. At the end, my client’s relative’s heirs (minor children), received their monetary compensation which was placed in a interest bearing trust account. That trust account will help them as they become adults. This all happened out of happenstance and just “talking” with my client about her personal life. The case was not the initial reason she came to my office. This is just a real life example of why you should call my office if you or a loved one is injured. This is just one example of what injuries mean, what effect they have on people, and what MY OFFICE is able to do to help any victim, relatives of victims, heirs of victims that were injured.

  • B Case Example:

    In another example, a client came to my office because she was at a restaurant (Chinese buffet, all you can eat) and my client slipped and fell on the floor while inside the restaurant. The client sustained bruising and pain to her knee. X-Rays and MRI’s showed that there were NO breaks or permanent damage to her body. The only injuries we could prove were bruising and pain and the medical bills were minimal. (less than $1000.00) Luckily, the restaurant had a perfectly working video recording system and the incident was all “caught on tape”. This is the crucial part, 99% of the time, insurance companies will NOT just cut you a check because you file an insurance claim for your injuries and you prove to them you have injuries, and even prove to them it was their fault. This real example was part of that 99% of the time that we had to fight and grind with the insurance company to receive a fair monetary compensation for my client. They were not responding to the Prosecutorial prepared pre-filing case we presented to them. They believed we would simply go away. So, in accordance with our policy at The Law Office of Edgar Diaz to fully prosecute any injury to my client’s and collect any and all compensation available for them, I filed a court lawsuit naming the restaurant as the party at fault. After a few months, and after litigating with their contracted legal firm, the restaurant finally sent us a copy of the video. After we reviewed the video ( we did not require “experts” for this case) we still had a duty to prosecute and seek damages. The settlement was well above the medical costs and the pain and suffering experienced by my client. The client was compensated fully, the client was very satisfied, and we were satisfied that we were able to collect compensation for our client.

Both the above examples varied greatly on damages. However both cases were not clear cut cases where one would find it easy to prove “fault”. So DO NOT GET DISCOURAGED BY WHO YOU BELIEVE IS “AT FAULT”. Let US do our job and prove who was at fault and how much fault can be attributed to them. In a perfect case, fault is admitted to be 100% attributed to the other party. I am sure you have read about a certain very famous actor/comedian/writer/entertainer who was severely injured by a big rig truck which was owned by one of the biggest commercial retail corporation in the world. Many people read that the case was settled for a confidential amount and there was no court trial, and more importantly that there was no public information that disclosed any doubt about which party was “at fault”. Although the facts of that public case, according to public records, were horrendous and the injuries were very real and life changing, that case is an example of a favorable plaintiff’s case. Because “fault” could be easily proven to be one sided, simply by reading the information made public.

At our office any person who has an injury will be treated with the same dignity and respect as all of our other clients. You will receive the best, our duty is to provide the best, and we take our duty, and our oath to “Protect The Public”, very serious, and it will show in our work and in our results.

If you have been involved in any instance or accident that has caused you or a loved one any injury, we invite you to call our Beverly Hills personal injury attorney at (323) 318-9545. We will aggressively protect and uphold your rights so that you can receive the maximum amount of compensation possible for your claim. With over $150M in damages collected from insurance companies and business entities over my 15 years of practice, when you are represented by my office and associates, you will be assured the best possible outcome.

Losing a loved one due to an individual or company’s negligence can be one of the hardest things a person endures. In addition to extreme emotional loss, you may now be left facing mounting financial burdens and the uncertainty of the legal system. Not knowing who to turn to for help or what to do next can leave the survivors of the deceased overwhelmed and confused. Luckily, you don’t have to go through this alone. The Law Office of Edgar Diaz & Associates are here to help you and your family through this difficult time.

To get your initial questions answered and advice on the best way to move forward, call our Beverly Hills personal injury attorney at (323) 318-9545. We offer 100% free wrongful death consultations and are available to help 24/7. Even if the attorney’s are unavailable at the time of your call, (in court, or otherwise off hours), your call, or voice message will be returned the same day. You want help at the time of the incident, so we will provide that help as fast and accurate as is able.

  • A What Can The Law Office of Edgar Diaz & Associates do for Me Right Now?

    The lawyers at The Law Office of Edgar Diaz & Associates have seen the devastation losing a loved one can cause and want to help correct the situation and fully compensate your losses. While no litigation or amount of compensation can bring back a loved one, we want to see to it that your financial burdens are relieved and that justice is served. The compassionate attorneys at The Law Office of Edgar Diaz & Associates will fight endlessly for what is right and handle the entire legal process for you. We are four aggressive attorney’s that work together to provide the client with a complete prosecution and recuperation of their losses. Every last cent.

    Our wrongful death lawyers will utilize their large network of experts and resources to investigate your loved one’s accident and uncover the truth. Once our attorneys gather the necessary evidence, they are ready to negotiate a fair settlement or are prepared to fight for you in court.

    Our wrongful death attorneys will help calculate the value of your claim and use their years of experience negotiating with insurance companies to fight for the full compensation you deserve. We will handle the entire legal process from beginning to end so you can focus on family and healing.

    Compensation For Your Loved One

    Losing a loved one can cost a family in a wide range of ways. Your family is probably experiencing emotional pain and suffering, loss of companionship, and loss of support. In addition to emotional loss, you could be struggling with costly medical bills, funeral expenses, loss of income, and more.

    The Law Office of Edgar Diaz & Associates will help you calculate your financial and non-financial damages from losing a loved one and seek the full and fair compensation you deserve. Our attorney’s have University backgrounds with degrees in medicine, health care and psychology from top Universities in California, Oregon, and West Virginia. Our attorney’s have extensive knowledge of the court system, and we personally appear in court on a regular basis. Your case will be prosecuted by a former State Prosecutor who is now part of our network of 4 aggressive attorney’s. We want to help you and your family get back on your feet and ease some of the stress and pain that comes with the passing of a loved one.

  • B Get Help from The Law Office of Edgar Diaz & Associates Wrongful Death Attorneys Today

    If you lost a loved one due to another person’s negligence, the experienced attorneys at The Law Office of Edgar Diaz are here to help. Call 323-318-9545 to speak with a wrongful death lawyer and get your questions answered with a 100% free case evaluation.

    Additionally, our firm operates on a contingency fee basis. This means if we are unable to secure compensation for your loved one, there is absolutely no financial cost to you. That’s our no fee guarantee. You might have heard this before, so let us clear the misinformation most other law firms taut. In California, most if not ALL of personal injury or wrongful death actions are worked on a contingency fee basis. The client does not get charged a dime unless the law firm prosecutes and collects compensation. So do not be deceived into believing that law firms are doing you favor by “not charging you a dime” for personal injury or wrongful death cases. They are not supposed to “charge you a dime” so why use this fact as a way to obtain client. Our office just advises you that we are paid by a percentage of the compensation. And we are upfront with our fees. The percentages range from 33 1/3% if we do not file a lawsuit and only prepare a full prosecutorial case that yields a favorable settlement. Or we collect 40% if you file a lawsuit in State or Federal Court. We as attorney’s incorporate our fee into our demands and know exactly what you will be receiving and what our fee will be. And we will communicate these numbers and reasons for accepting or rejecting certain offers by the negligent people/entity(s) that caused your loss. We are available 24/7 so call now to get the help and support you and your family deserve.

  • A In California, the law states that a party (person) may be compensated for any loss caused by the negligent (or intentional) acts of another person/entity/company/corporation.

This means that our Attorney’s At The Law Office of Edgar Diaz will do a thorough investigation, free of any charge, into your case, EVEN IF YOU BELIEVE YOU WERE AT FAULT. A loss is a loss regardless of who was AT FAULT. Simply put, California Law works by attributing FAULT by PERCENTAGES. So for example: you may be at fault, but you were only 40% at FAULT. Therefore, if your damages are $100,000.00, and you were 40% at fault, then the other party(ies) were 60% at FAULT. Since the other persons were 60% at FAULT and the full damages were $100,000.00, then the settlement in theory is 60% of $100,000.00 which is $60,000.00. That’s the total settlement, minus any fees for experts, fees for attorneys, and court costs. The remainder is your pain and suffering (in most cases, some cases also include lost wages, consortium etc.). So the important thing to take out of this example is this:

California follows what’s known as a ‘pure’ comparative negligence standard. That means that the plaintiff will still recover damages after his or her percentage of fault has been deducted, even if the plaintiff was 99 percent at fault.

CALL The Law Office of Edgar Diaz & Associates at 323-318-9545, now. We will handle it from then on and until you receive the best compensation under the law.

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