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Edgar Beltran Diaz, Esq.

As the Principal with the internationally known trial lawyer firm of The Law Offices of Edgar B. Diaz and Associates

  • Attorney Edgar Diaz cemented his national reputation as an aggressive trial lawyer by winning back to back mulit-million dollar divorce trials in the Central Division Courthouse in Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Attorney Diaz has represented numerous individuals with sensitive professional positions in private industries, such as the Entertainment Industry, the Private Equity Industry and the emerging global Dot Com Industry.
  • With such high profile clients, Attorney Diaz has gained both the experience and knowledge on the intricacies of providing aggressive and effective representation for individuals facing divorce proceedings that have acquired assets that are difficult to value and divide “equally” under the Family Code.
  • Attorney Diaz utilizes all areas of laws, including Securities Laws, Intellectual Property Laws, and Contract law. Mr. Diaz works with forensic accountants and agents in other fields of business and industries to evaluate and determine the true division of assets. Many of our client’s have substantial lifelong income producing assets and contracts that must be divided in a divorce. This is one of the specialties that distinguishes The Law Offices of Edgar B. Diaz from other divorce attorneys.
  • Our process of utilizing technology and experts from different areas of business is a innovative technique that guarantees our clients the best possible outcome to any civil lawsuit, especially Divorces.
  • The Law Offices of Edgar B. Diaz has also perfected the drafting of financial instruments that “PROTECT” our clients in the event that they are involved in a lawsuit. These financial legal instruments protect our client’s assets and make our client’s
  • “JUDGMENT PROOF”. Our financial legal instruments are individually tailored for each of our client. We do not use “templates” of Wills, Trusts, etc. We tailor our documents to the specific needs of our clients. These financial instruments have been upheld in numerous jurisdictions, International courts, Federal Courts, and all State Courts. When you come to our offices seeking to protect your hard earned financial assets, including income producing assets such as royalties, publishing rights and other Intellectual Property assets, you will be assured that those assets will remain in your control and no State, Federal, or other International Court can take those assets from your control. We shield you from any type of lawsuit that may be issued against you.
  • With 15 years of solid experience in the area of Family Law (Divorce), Asset Protection, and Personal Injury, Mr. Diaz is a recognized legal authority in the area of financial asset protection and child custody/visitation. Mr. Diaz is one of only a handful of attorney’s who have such expert legal knowledge in these two areas of law. Therefore, through experience and hard work, Mr. Diaz has become a leading legal figure in the area of divorce, asset division, and most importantly, Child Custody and Visitation. Nothing is more important to our client’s than the time spent with their child(ren). Our offices are experts in arguing for the “best interest” of the minor child and we obtain the results to prove it. Our techniques are aggressive and cutting edge. We utilize every single resource available to us to make sure our clients obtain the best results possible.
  • Recovered over $150M in personal injury/wrongful death actions. And an unbeaten divorce trial record. Our client lists is confidential and will remain confidential.
  • However, we treat each and every client with the same respect and care as the rest of our clientele. Our office holds our attorney work to the highest of standards, ethically and financially. So if you require an attorney in the areas of Divorce, Child Custody/Visitation, Restraining Orders, Asset Protection, PERSONAL INJURY/WRONGFUL DEATH and wish to speak with us, please call THE LAW OFFICE OF EDGAR B. DIAZ AND SPEAK WITH THE ATTORNEY AT (323) 318-9545 or (626) 926-1616 if your case is in the San Gabriel Valley.

Counsel Of at The Law Offices of Edgar B. Diaz and Associates:

MICHAEL J. MUNOZ, Esq.: Attorney Munoz is associated with the Law Office of Edgar Diaz and deals exclusively in State and Federal Criminal Defense.

RALPH MUNOZ III, Esq.: Attorney Ralph Munoz is associated with the Law Office of Edgar B. Diaz and deals with all civil and criminal matters. Mr. Munoz is the Office’s Ethics counsel and offers expertise advice to our associates regarding any potential conflicts.

WARREN ELLIS, Esq.: Attorney Ellis deals exclusively with Personal Injury/Wrongful Death matters. He is the firms Trial Lawyer and has prosecuted and defended Federal and State personal injury lawsuits and criminal cases.

CIRPRON TURCU, Esq.: Attorney Turcu is the lead criminal defense attorney. Mr. Turcu is the attorney who handles the most serious of criminal matters including but not limited to Murder, Sex Crimes, Federal Drug Crimes, and all serious Felonies that only a handful of attorney’s in California are qualified to handle.

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